Content Management System Case Study

Content Management System Case Study – Rayleigh Primary School

Client Profilecontent management system for Rayleigh Primary School website

Rayleigh Primary School, its children and adults, is an extension of the community it serves. The school was establish in 1899 and has an enviable reputation. The head teacher, Mr Malcolm, and his staff found that their website was difficult to update and did not reflect the schools ethos of including the parents and community in the learning experience.


The new website needed to be simple in design and must be editable by the office staff, teachers and students.




Adobe Macromedia Contribute SoftwareSolution

Our solution was to develop a website template that was compatible with Macromedia Contribute website editing software and then provide training to teachers and staff.

Basing the content management system on Macromedia Contribute, allows the school website administrator to control who can change what on the website. Each person is issued a ‘Key’ creating an internal security system to control who can change what on the website. Users can change and create new pages, but cannot edit the pages of other users.

The built in photo optimisation tool is incredibly powerful. Restricting size and weight of each image so they are fast to download and then enabling the user to position the image anywhere within the website.

Each new page that is created is based on the website template and therefore retains the same look and feel as all other pages with the main website navigation built in. And of course there is no need to employ a website developer to expand the website so it will grow very quickly.

Training progressed very quickly as the system uses the intuitive nature of popular programs such as Microsoft Word. Applying text styles, adding images, creating tables and positioning pages elements becomes second nature very quickly.


This system allows schools and businesses to create information rich websites quickly and economically.

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